Pure Expression of nature

Just like bees,
Melvita selects pure ingredients from nature
and blends them to create its nectars of beauty.

A pioneering organic beauty brand from South of France,
Melvita is constantly innovating
so that it can offer increasingly captivating formulas.

Organic cosmetics advantages

Why are organic cosmetics good for my skin?

1. Because organic flowers and plants are pure and rich in active ingredients, in addition to exclude heavy metals, pesticicds and synthetic fertilizers

2. Because organic ingredients have a very good affiinity with the human body. They have not been synthetically processed.

3. Because our products exclude parabens, synthetic colouring agents, mineral oils, silicones, ethoxylated products, etc.

Why are organic cosmetics good for my skin?

Melvita's guarantees

For 30 years, Melvita has been captived by the beauty

For 30 years, Melvita has been captivated by nature's beauty.

We gather pure, natural and organic ingredients with the greatest care.

We gave priority to local French suppliers and fair trade in countries in the souths*.

We strive to lighten our load on the planet by savong water and energy, and limiting carbon emissions and waste. Our production sites and our stores in France are certified iso 14001**.

We optimize the packaging of our products and use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.

We act to protect nature and bees.

For 30 years, Melvita has been captived by the beauty

* Approved by ECOCERT Environment according to the ESR standards available at www.ecocert.com

** Standard of improvement of the environmental protection.

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