Hair care beauty tips

Hair care beauty tips


The right treatment for your hair type


normal hair: naturally supple, it is shiny and balanced. It does not require a particular treatment though you must choose a shampoo that fits in order to keep your scalp healthy. Frequent washes could weaken it.

oily hair: glowing and heavy, its aspect is often sticky and unpleasant. It can be the result of an inner disorder (food, hormones) but also of unadapted hair treatments. Most of the time it is the result of excessive sebum secretion and needs a balancing treatment.

dry or very dry hair: often dull, it is rough, fragile and brittle. It is dehydrated as the protective hydrolipidic film is partly altered. Hair is then exposed to external aggressions. This state can be the result of harsh hair care treatments, excessive sun exposure or pollution. It needs protective and repairing hair care treatments.

dull or permed hair: dull and loose, tired hair is often hard to untangle. It needs an in-depth treatment which will give it strength and vitality. Many factors can cause this hair weakening : inapropriate or excessive treatments (perms for instance), and even a general tiredness state (anaemia, convalescence…). It notably needs tonifying hair care treatments as masks or specific repairing cream-shampoos and conditioners.

dandruffs: dry or oily dandruffs result from an unbalanced scalp, which can be the consequence of microbial proliferation. Scalp's regeneration is unnaturally accelerated, thus provoking the appearance of visible dead cells. The dandruffs can cause itching and soreness and eventually favour an excessive hair loss. A purifying and regulating treatment enables to restore scalp's balance.

blond hair: blond hair tends to quickly dull. To maintain its radiance, it needs a very special attention and particular protective and shining treatments to preserve its natural glow and color.








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